Best Gifts for Gamers

20 October 2016
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If you are looking for a great Christmas gift for a friend or relative who is an enthusiastic gamer, food hampers can actually often be a good option. Surprised? Here are some things you can look for if you are searching for the best Christmas food hamper for a gamer.

Foods that be can eaten with one hand

If you are giving an eager gamer a food hamper, it's good to look for food that can be eaten with one hand so that they can continue to use their game controller in the other hand. Some good options can include cookies, chocolate-covered pretzels, and sweets that can be easily snacked on while gaming. If your gamer prefers healthier snacks then they might appreciate a fresh fruit hamper with some healthy and tasty fresh fruits. 

Foods that can give an energy boost

Gamers often get drawn into long gaming sessions that go into the night. It can be great to include some options that could give a late night energy boost such as chocolate-coated coffee beans or fancy energy drinks. You could also go for a luxurious coffee themed basket, with different coffee beans and pods to try, so they can make some of their favourite brews.

Foods that are filling

Many popular snacks are carbohydrate or sugar heavy and can cause an energy crash after the initial burst of energy. Some protein-based snacks such as nuts, protein balls or roasted chickpeas in the hamper can help to keep your gamer fuller for longer so that they don't end up getting crabby and hungry part way through a long gaming session. 

Food with fun gaming references

If your gift recipient is a huge gaming fan, they'll often love getting to eat some food from their hamper that ties into their favourite game. This could include, for example, some 'space food' for astronaut themed games or dehydrated foods such as beef jerky for military themed games. These options can add a fun extra immersive aspect to the gift. It's a great way to show a loved one how much attention you have paid to their interests and passions. 

A food hamper can be a fun and useful Christmas gift for the gamer in your life. By putting some planning into the items in the hamper, you can choose foods that meet their needs perfectly. Why not pre-order a Christmas hamper now and cross one thing off your Christmas gift to-do list ahead of time?